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WINNER: Best Animation




Josua Tobias Krüger


Creative Concept, Cinematography, Visual Effect,Fashion


"In today's modern civilization, our relationship to nature is getting worse. Although we are still dependent on nature as we have ever been. We should think about this more often. Our protagonist lives in this modern, structured world. Symbolically represented by the modern Libeskind building with its clear structures and forms. She perceives the outside world, the nature in all its beauty, only through the windows of the building, but she is separated from it. Our protagonist is fascinated by the beauty of nature, she is increasingly attracted to her, although everything seems so alien to her. She would like to restore her lost connection to the external world, because she feels a deep inner yearning for her. The fashion of Tim Labenda, which looks very natural in many places due to its colors and shapes, is intended to contrast the Libeskind's architecture, with its angular and strongly geometrical forms. At the same time, the fashion is intended to clarify the deep, inner need of the protagonist for being close to nature."

Grace Castro