Perfect In Her Own Right

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WINNER: Best Short


Perfect In Her Own Right


Christina MacGillivray


Art Direction, Creative Concept, Director,Short

SYNOPSIS: "Perfect In Her Own Right is a family story of three unique Indian women, told through the perspective of the youngest daughter in the family, Myra. The FILM: was created to promote the Forest Essentials' perfume intense fragrances rose, jasmine and nargis (daffodil in Hindi). These specific flowers have rich cultural, symbolic and historic references in India, alluded to in the FILM:. In the story, we meet Myra's grandmother, mother and elder sister, each named after one of the flowers. The characters have their own strengths, quirks and foibles and yet, like every woman across generations, each is perfect in her own right. The FILM: is based on the key Ayurvedic principle that the qualities of real beauty are strength, poise and radiance. These qualities are present in everyone but are expressed differently through our different natures."

Grace Castro