Team TM Sisters

By Dilara Tuncer

Moving film combined with a collage of disparate and surreal elements makes for an intriguing artistic project. Then comes in the Miami-based sister art duo TM Sisters, who both specialize in both the transient and static mediums, such as videos meshed with music to create a multi-visual, faceted artistic experience. Check out the interview, where they discuss their love of Xanadu and favorite projects so far.

Quick Q + A

So, what were the main factors that brought you guys together artistically?

The colorful vibrating brainwave and blood links that we share being siblings. Both of us were pursuing art degrees and found that our overlapping collaborative ideas were stimulating and rewarding.

Many of your printed works have these holographic insertions, almost looking like a collage, is there any particular theme behind it?

Yes, there are many galactic and personal links to our work and collage pieces. Holographic elements enable a spectrum of colors to come into the otherwise static pieces. This then makes the viewer much more valuable to the piece, able to see the moving shapes in the work as you and the light move around. There are always extra powers and presences in the surroundings of our lives. We are making these things seen.

The video, "Lite Nite Shimmer" reminds me of a flickering, colorful kaleidoscope, what was the mindset and thought process behind this short?

Lite Nite Shimmer” came through during the making of our large performance piece at the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts entitled “SHIMMER.” We felt especially connected to the imagery and story. In turn we decided to make much of the surrounding footage and video textures from the performance into a video piece. It hints at the time and battle that happens at the moment when night meets the day and day meets the night. The Golden Hour is that collision.

What films, whether full-length or shorts, local or international, mainstream or underground, have inspired your aesthetic as a duo?
Filmmakers, artists and actors such as Len LyeMiranda JulyLuis BuñuelBill ViolaAlejandro JodorowskyCory ArcangelKlaus NomiEsther Williams. Movies like XanaduLiquid Sky, and Muscle Beach Party; 80s galactic cheesy video graphics and love stories, nature documentaries on PBS, etc.

Working with different mediums, such as flat printed works versus video, how do you work between these different dimensions?

We bounce back and forth and each informs the other. VJing is experimenting for video collaging and collaging flat works is thinking about videos.

What has been your favorite event to showcase as the TM Sisters so far?

Our favorite historical dream project was Whirl Crash Go! at Locust Projects in 2009. It was a 30 person interactive performance where our life sports jam roller-skating and synchronized swimming, battled each other in a West Side Story-style epic show off.

Both of you guys are based out of Miami. How does the city influence how you approach a new project?

Miami is a clashing, mixing, and beautiful blending of so many different cultures and lifestyles and colors and stories that we are used to collaging projects organically together.

How would you describe fashion in Miami in one word?

Hot or Summer.

There was a video you guys did a few years back entitled "Whirl! Crash! Go!” with colorful “We Love Colors” socks and beats by Otto Von Schirach in the background. What role does fashion play into your future creations/projects?

We love fashion!!! It is a way to become art! Our bodies are works that are perfect for forming structure and an extension of creativity. What you wear is an impression of who you are inside, a reflection of what you are about.

For more information on the TM Sisters, check them out on their site here