Aileen Quintana in HD

In a lot of ways, the make-up was the character. -Rick Yunes, Actor

By: Dilara Tuncer | Photo Credit: Nicolas Stipcianos

We had the chance to chat up Aileen Quintana, a Miami-based makeup artist with an expansive, lust-worthy portfolio, featuring celebrities, both local and high-end brands such as Parisian-chic fashion house Chloé, Vogue, and the Magic City’s glossy Ocean Drive, amongst many others. Here, Quintana talks Art Deco buildings, the importance of makeup in film, and her favorite project thus far.



Techniques in makeup artistry also mirror the techniques in painting and drawing. How does art influence your work as a makeup artist?

Art is the base of my craft. Being a self-taught makeup artist, I truly describe myself as a true artist: I just paint faces everyday!

How does Miami influence your craft?

The colors and lights are everything to me. [I was] born and raised in tropical Miami. The Art Deco buildings and the amazing cascade of sunsets have become a strong influence in my everyday life and in my art—colors are everything to me.

What are the challenges experienced when fashion and makeup intersect?

The only challenge I feel you can experience within the fashion world is a conflict of creative minds. It takes a true artist to put together a beauty look that works with the expression of the designer. Also, creating the continuity of the final presentation for either the shoot, the runway, or everyday life.

How do you see your profession advancing in the next five to ten years?

I try not to think where will I land in the next 5 to 10 years. The most important thing to me is to focus on the next event or job. Taking each day with a grain of salt and making each of my days count!  I have to keep this philosophy in my life and it has brought me so much success! And now my company has branched out into production, education, and keeping myself propelling as a true artist.

What are your tips for makeup when used with television and film? Is there a different application or consideration given when using the advanced digital technology now available through film?

Makeup is everything when it comes to working with film. Along with the advances in technology, so have the ingredients in most of the cosmetics used for film. This advanced camera-ready make-up is often referred to as “HD Makeup”.

Your portfolio is very expanded and eclectic. What has been your favorite creative project so far?

To tell you the truth, it is hard to pick out a favorite moment or project. I love my work so much; I enjoy each project for what it is. But if I have to choose one project, it would have to be designing and working for the Manish Arora fashion show during Art Basel: the unique style of the designer allowed me to have full expression of my creativity! I wish I were able to work with more designers who are not afraid of pushing the boundaries in fashion.

What do you think of the role the Internet plays in making stars of people producing DIY beauty videos?

The Internet is an amazing platform where anyone can upload information! I was able to use the Internet as a way to express myself and to give myself a voice... By following one of these DIY stars on the Internet, you could learn how to do makeup and hair styles on yourself really well but it takes a REAL artist to master all shapes of faces and skin tones.

How would you describe fashion and beauty in Miami in one word?


Anything else you’d like to add?

Throughout most of my early adult years, I was always told that a path in fashion is hard and that I should probably consider a career that has more stability. If you love what you do, the possibilities are endless because you have the determination to go anywhere in life. As a self-taught artist, I leave you with some advice: follow your heart and success will follow—never give up on yourself! 

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