"Dior and I" Debuts

Providing unprecedented access at a time when transition could have proved disastrous, weeks before a new collection was to unveil, at the helm of newly appointed Simons, Dior and I allowed us to take an intimate look inside the fashion house of Dior.

There was much to prove and the fear was clear.

Yes, fear, the very emotion that often grips the best of us during the most opportune moments. Captured by Film Director Frédéric Tcheng, the fear experienced by Fashion Designer Raf Simons was palpable.

At play, a devoted Dior staff whose experience, work ethic, and craftsmanship is legendary in the world of couture now found themselves battling and enduring through a series of growing pains for the sake of Dior.

The prevailing forces, commandeered by the spirit of Dior himself, pushed through until the very end while Simons fought stereotypes and tried to assert his authority.

To break out the confines of what he was best known for, while staying true to the brand, Simmons defaulted to his love of art by taking inspiration from masters like Rothko and Koons to bring forth the future.

As Simons developed his level of comfort, the grip of fear slowly let go and success was on his side.

Much like in our own experiences, what we know to be true about ourselves, the positive, perseveres with confidence at the end.

In hindsight, there was nothing to fear but fear itself.

“Dior and I” is currently screening at O Cinema Wynwood now until May 7, 2015.