FASHION PROFILED: Designer and co-Founder of Island Tribe, Angeline Hayling

Why bridal fashion? 

As result of a desperate search for beach bridal wear, we initially launched the brand in Las Angeles with a bridal line called Island Bridal. However, over the past year, out of growth and listening to our customers, we’ve gradually transitioned into full fashion lifestyle brand. With a background in fashion, the term “bridal fashion” fused our creative past, present and future. 

What make Island Tribe tick? 

Our love for nature, travel, culture and a boho free spirited lifestyle makes Island Tribe tick. Our tribe is about freedom, good vibes and culture.  We believe in living a life that is free from the constrains of trends, society’s expectations and norms.  We inspire our tribe to live a conscience, honest, and peaceful life.  Our brand slogan is La Libre - which simply means “The Free”.

What has inspired your design aesthetic? 

Our designs are inspired by the ocean and the elements of life; created with peace, love and blessings for all the free spirited around the world.

The biggest misconception about the bridal industry is...

That it’s a cinderella princess story.  The answer is "no". Like any other industry or business, it takes a lot of resources, perseverance, patience and hard work to be successful, especially if you're building a brand and managing a design house.  

What’s next for Island Tribe? 

Growth and expanding both our online and retail presence.  We also want to continue building our tribe through community participation and networking efforts.