Happy Birthday Bill

March 13, 2017

Happy Birthday to you, Bill Cunningham.

We fell in love with you from the start of Bill Cunningham New York, the 2010 film, produced by Richard Press and writer Philip Gefter of The New York Times, that documented Cunningham’s daily life as a street photographer, the father of street fashion photography that is. He looked for fashion on the street as much as fashion looked for him.

Before his destined path, Cunningham had a brief stint in college and went on to become a women’s hat designer before moving on to write for Women’s Wear Daily and the Chicago Tribune. Later, he captured the attention of the New York Times.

In addition to his very popular On The Street print column, the online video companion of On The Street was our jam. His voiceover and quirky background tune made everything right in the world when it was time to check out a new episode. Each time he shared a little bit of himself and how he looked at the world.

This legend was made even more human when the film focused on his living situation at Carnegie Hall, fully surrounded by filing cabinets of photo archives. The film took us along as he came to terms with his impending eviction which we were made to experience with him.

We are thankful that this film gave us a little glimpse into the life of a man who gave us so much and left us with a treasure trove of fashionable glimpses of time as an anthropologist of sorts.

We love you Bill... and your beautiful smile. Happy Birthday.

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