Going Under the Radar


This past Sunday marked the culmination of SXSW, a two-week long conference and festival to celebrate the convergence of film, music, and interactive industries.

We went for the fashion. 

Increasingly fashion has become a major player at this event attended by more than 72,000 people looking for what’s next in their industry.

Top minds and thought leaders, working with innovative brands in fashion and beauty, connected to talk the latest and greatest, revolutionizing the industry.

Of interest: 

Invisible Marketing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) applied to fashion and beauty. Basically, it’s the future, already here, and implemented by brands always one step ahead.

By definition, in simple terms: 

Invisible Marketing is selling without consumers feeling like they are being sold to. At DECODED Fashion House, Christian Ward, Head of Media and Marketing, at Stylus, demonstrated how brands are shifting to disappear (in other words "going under the radar") so they can seamlessly integrate with our lifestyle.

Data, captured and deciphered, cue Artificial Intelligence, helps anticipate our intentions as humans so brands can come in and cater to our next need.


Think Alexa, knowing you ran out of the house late without coffee because you snoozed your connected alarm multiple times. She (or it) then orders Starbucks (your brand of choice based on purchasing behavior) at the nearest location so you can drive by and pick up. You did not necessarily see a Starbucks ad at any point but they positioned themselves to be there when you needed them the most, through the power of data and technology.

These are not new concepts but brands, now fully armed with information, are working harder to get in your head to then get in your wallet.

Their approach, and yours should be too:

How does film, as a tool, help you as a brand go under the radar?

A great film with a stellar script, characters, acting, sound and visuals, able to draw you in and transport you into another world, can do just that. 

You forget that the protagonist in a MIU MIU film has a dress that you later recognize in a store window because it triggers an emotional connection. Or you immediately find yourself entering your credit card online and not sure why but it was due to a subtle call to action instead of a traditional blaring ad with bells and whistles. Just one example.

Successful product placement has long been an art in the world of TV and film but now the access to data helps to better customize the experience for each individual consumer through online platforms.

And it’s all very exciting and happening very fast.

There were more than 50 Style Sessions of great educational talks and panels around Austin with endless opportunities to network with the best behind the world’s biggest innovating brands and we look forward to next year.

Add to your calendar and keep up!